Journey of the Eastland – Legacy of the Titanic

The story of the Titanic is legendary, and lives on. New Titanic exhibits continue to be established as of this writing. Ironically, the story of the impact of the Titanic on a Great Lakes ship called the S.S. Eastland goes largely unknown and untold. So I have started to capture the tragedy of the Eastland in story and song at this site:

Journey of the Eastland ~ Legacy of the Titanic

Nick Adams is a Hemingway character who tromped the woods of northern Michigan. His adventures are no doubt closely tied to those of Hemingway himself. The point of departure in the story of the S.S. Eastland is the Hemingway story 10 Indians. Nick leaves Michigan because of what he learns from his father about Prudence. Meanwhile, the Eastland steams its way up from Cleveland to Port Huron where it was originally built to undergo some maintenance and upgrading before it makes the journey through the Great Lakes around Michigan on it’s way to Chicago. Among the contingency of passengers making the trip is a young lady named Julia Darline Weber who seeks an adventure before starting her education at the newly established Central Michigan Normal College.